Key Client Assignments

IG Partners’ main clients in the last 10 years include:

  • A leading Italian Large Industrial Group operating in renewables. IG Partners carried out a strategic consulting activity consisting in: the assessment of the potential entry strategies in the fuel cells market, the outlook of the European biodiesel market and the analysis of potential entry strategies, the analysis of palm oil biodiesel impact on deforestation and the assessment of different technology options for integrating energy storage systems into wind farm. Ig Partners evaluated several investment opportunities around the world, which led to the investment in an ethanol facility in India in partnership with one of the main sugar producers of the country and to the establishment of important investments in biofuels in Asia.
  • The most important Italian Private Equity Fund investing in companies driven by environmental trends. IG Partners cooperated with the fund in the analysis and evaluation of several targets, of which a selected group has been completed, as well as taking part in the fund working teams in all the phases of several investments:  from acquisition to divestment through the management of the companies.
  • A UK based Offshore Service Contractor, offering grouting services for the installation of foundations to the offshore energy sector: IG Partners supported the company expansion strategy, assisting it in analysing the offshore energy market in selected countries and in identifying potential targets.
  • An Australian listed company active in Oil&Gas Exploration and Production: IG Partners studied and evaluated the feasibility and the profitability of investing in the company, aiming to expand its activity in Northern Italy.
  • A French Producer of Wood Pellet: IG Partners worked with the private equity fund that invested in the company, from the target identification to the exit strategy definition and divestment. In this period IG Partners designed and handled the company’s budgeting and controlling system, and acted as a permanent advisor to the top management.
  • An Italian Biotech Venture focused on the development of a non-invasive procedure for uncovering and analysing cancer cells in the human blood: IG Partners, a direct investor in the project, supported the company in its development and management processes, as well as in its sale to a leading Italian pharmaceutical and biotech group.
  • A Mongolian start-up focused on forestry and agriculture: IG Partners supports the local entrepreneur in setting-up and implementing all business activities ranging from the definition of core strategies to business plan development, as well as assistance in the hiring and fund raising processes.
  • An Italian Auction House recently revived: IG Partners contributed to the company renaissance through cooperating in budgeting system developing and supporting management through its local and international relations network.
  • An important restaurant chain: IG Partners supported the company’s management in its development activities, moreover acted as advisor in the sales process to a leading catering group
  • A company for the rental and sale of construction machinery: IG Partners was responsible for the design and implementation of the budgeting and management control system, and also acted as advisor in negotiations with potential investors in the capital.
  • An Italian company of dental clinics: IG Partners has been in charge of the design and the implementation of the budgeting and management control system, and has also acted as advisor in the partial sale of the capital
  • An Italian hotel management company: IG Partners dealt with the planning and implementation of the budgeting and management control system and acted as advisor in the negotiation of the debt with the banks